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With over a decade of design experience in both Spain and the United States,  Pilar has an extensive background in app development,  online marketing, and interactive UX. A long life learner, Pilar has a B.S in Industrial Design, an M.A. in Graphic Design, and an M.A. in Marketing and Communication.


Since Pilar first tried VR in 1992 she developed a growing interest in digital technology as a communication tool.  She has brought her passion for innovation and problem-solving to companies ranging from Rolex, Ernst & Young, and  IKEA. Her current focus is on creating immersive user experiences in both virtual and augmented reality environments using Unity3D (C#) and WebXR.


She created her own Mixed Reality education program by mixing classes from MIT, New York Film Accademy and General Assembly. Pilar graduated in 2017 from the pioneer VR Game Design at the New York Film Academy. Followed by completing a Human-Computer Interaction program at MIT, and UX Design at General Assembly in NYC.

Pilar is an advocate for Hispanic Women in Mixed Reality and Tech and she manages the nonprofit Mujeres XR focused on leverage connection in all Spanish speaking women and allies working in immersive projects.



NY Film Academy

European Institute of Design

Polytechnical University of Valencia






Ernst & Young

MIT XR Hackathon 2019

XR Brain Jam 2018 & 2019

Unity NYC XR Jam 2017 & 2019

Webby Awards 2019

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